Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taking The Plunge

The first time I jumped off the diving board I was terrified. I was in the deep end of the swimming pool perched on the edge of the board. The rest of my class shivered on deck shouting at me to take the plunge. My teacher held onto one end of a bamboo pole while I white knuckled the other. She called out encouraging words but I was still petrified.
Finally I sucked in what might be my last breath and took that three foot death defying leap. The water sucked me under but my teacher pulled me spluttering and gasping to shore. I was exhilarated at my wondrous feat of bravery, but not so much that I wanted to jump right in again.
My first book Mother’s Daze, No Dignity will be published in March thanks to the encouragement of my writers group who have been both my cheering section and my teachers; but I feel like I am perched on the end of that diving board again.
I am exhilarated about the accomplishment but worried about drowning all over again; this time in a sea of technology; facebook, twitter and a blog.
I have always been willing to step outside my comfort zone but this year, I am taking a leap into a world far beyond my swim class and writers group. My journey will be challenging and insightful, scary and sometimes just plain funny.
My goal, after years of procrastinating, is to enter the 21st century. What’s yours?